The Holy Relationship Logo

The Holy Relationship Logo

“The Holy Relationship”

is a community where we meet, inspire and support each other, based on A Course In Miracles

Here you will find …

– Inspiring texts from ACIM which is about The Holy Relationship

– Lessons and exercises that provide new insights into your Holy Relationship

– Interesting “threads” where people share their experiences and questions about The Holy Relationship.

– The opportunity to ask questions related to your Holy Relationship

– Meet People to join and couples who lived and practiced The Holy Relationship for many years.

– Events and courses

We who started this group

live and practice A Course in Miracles, and The Holy Relationship for many years.

Now is the time

for The Holy Relationship and for us to share the knowledge we have found with the help of ACIM in our Holy Relationship and all those thousands of relationships that we have had the pleasure to meet and support

We speak several languages

Sandy Levey-Lunden & Len Satov

Spanish – English – Swedish
Carlos Mosqueda & Inger Holmqvist

Swedish -English
Mats & Lottie Stjernqvist

We love

to have you be part of this group.
Love, Light and The Holy Relationship